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Tracking Club Basics

Tracking club is an introduction into what I teach at Fox Paw. Every first Saturday of the month we'll meet at the Stranahan Town Forest and explore the tracks, sign, plants/trees, and habitat our North Woods home has to offer. I'll provide some loose structure and instruction — bring your field guides, questions, weather-appropriate gear and snacks. Beginners very welcome! Aimed at adults and interested teens.

We start at 9 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m. There is no cost for tracking club. Be in touch with any questions, or to be added to the club's mailing list.

We meet at the Hollister Hill parking lot of the Stranahan, just north of the Hollister Hill Farm and B&B. Google maps will bring you right there.

Next Meetings:

Aug 5

Sept 2

Oct 7

Nov 4

Dec 4



What is Tracking Club really about?

Every month, we head over to the Stranahan Town Forest in Marshfield and spend several hours getting to know part of our watershed. By going to the same place every month, we get deep knowledge of that place. What we learn there about how the year unfolds is bigger than just the Stranahan—it helps us understand the whole landscape around us.

Our meetings are free-flowing, and we spend time with whatever sparks our curiosity—a typical outing might consist of checking in on a favorite patch of plants to see how the seed pods are developing, listening to bird song in a shady patch of woods, sitting quietly and watching at the edge of the meadow, and/or checking out coyote tracks in the mud by the old beaver dam. It's called tracking club because we track the whole world around us.

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