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We are hardwired to belong in, and to, the more-than-human world around us. But these days, we need a little help. Our connection with our wild kin is strained, to say the least, and the dominant global culture has no understanding of how to repair it. Many of us who live in the industrialized world ache for a real connection to the plants, animals, land, winds, and waters around us, but we're not sure how to get there. It's possible to relearn this, but it takes time, and teachers.


What does it mean to learn how to belong?


At Fox Paw School, we think it means building a real relationship with the land and her inhabitants. Just like a relationship with a human relative, this comes from time and attention—spending time outside of human-mediated environment, and paying close attention to what is happening there with all our senses. The Fox Paw curriculum is designed to help you learn the skills of attention and awareness, and give you plenty of time to practice them, setting you up to continue building your relationship with your landbase for the rest of your life.


Our courses focus on what the Western world calls natural history—botany, birdwatching, animal tracking, weather watching, and so forth—but you could also call it learning to dance again with the rest of the wild world that is all around us, calling our names, waiting for us to return. In addition to technical information and field time, we strive for a good dose of the effervescent mystery that the land offers to those who listen.



Lead instructor, administration

Jonathan is a dedicated teacher and mentor. He believes that a deep and accurate understanding of the more-than-human world is necessary for us to be healthy, both culturally and individually. The Fox Paw School is his small effort towards reconnecting himself and other humans with the rest of our wild kin. When he's not teaching, you'll find him poking around beaver wetlands, watching the clouds and listening to birds.


He is a Wilderness First Responder, and holds a Specialist certificate in Track & Sign and a level III certificate in Trailing from Tracker Certification North America. His other interests include hunting, fishing, running, reading books by the woodstove, and making crafts.


Guest instructor

Lucian is a father, a blacksmith and back yard wanderer. He lives in Hardwick where he spends much of his time getting to know his neighbors. He walks the hills, watching birds, listening to frogs, feeling the wind and tasting the weeds. Lately he has gotten caught up in cloud drama as they evolve through the day. He also likes to make things for every day life like baskets, bowls and chicken soup.



Please plan to bring all the food and snacks you'll need to sustain you throughout the class. There will not be an opportunity to stop and get provisions during class times.

If If you're coming from far away, and would rather not stay at a motel or Air BnB, you are welcome to crash at the Fox Paw campus, either on the floor in the classroom, or tent camping in the yard/woods behind. Please be aware that the setup is rustic. The classroom is heated during winter, but has no plumbing, and the kitchen setup is minimal. There is a composting outhouse for student use. Additionally, there is no wifi and spotty cell reception. Good reception can be found about a quarter mile up the road.

If you're unable to make it to the class you've registered for, please let us know as soon as possible. For cancellations more than a month before the first day of the class, we'll send you a full refund, less deposit if applicable. Cancellations less than one month before the first day of the class will get a full refund, less deposit if applicable, only if we are able to fill the space in the class.

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