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Fox Paw Tracking Club — every month

An intro to what I teach at Fox Paw, the tracking club meets every first Saturday

of the month from 9-noon at the Stranahan Town Forest in Marshfield.

More details on the Tracking Club page

Learning the Land: Naturalist Apprenticeship

Jan-Nov 2024

Meets one weekend a month from January to October, omitting August. Optional homework and mentoring between meetings. More details and dates on the Classes page.

Enrollment is open for the 2023 session! Email us now to reserve your spot.

$2600. VSAC grant eligible—qualified VT residents can get partial or full tuition covered.

Connect with Wild Kin: Wildlife Tracking

Feb 10-11 and Mar 9-102024

These weekend-long courses will dive deep into the foundations of animal tracking:

track ID, gaits and animal movement, and behavior. Beginners and experienced trackers welcome. Can be taken singly, or together will provide continuity in content and experience.

More details on the classes page. Please contact us with any questions.

$275 each or $500 for both.


Food from the Land: Foraging Apprenticeship

Apr-Oct 2024

Meets one day a month from April to October. Optional homework and mentoring

between meetings. More info on the classes page.

$1100. VSAC grant eligible—qualified VT residents can get partial or full tuition covered.

CyberTracker Evaluation and Tracking Class

Jul 13-14, 2024

Hosted by Fox Paw, this tracking class takes the format of a Tracker Certification North America evaluation. Ideal for beginners and advanced trackers alike. More info here.

$375. Limited financial aid available.

Instructor: Nate Harvey

Learning the Land: Naturalist Weekend — Upton ME

2024 dates TBA

Jonathan is teaming up with Moose Ridge Wilderness School to offer a full weekend of learning the land—birds, trees, plants, weather, awareness, and connection. Register at the Moose Ridge website here.


2023 Moose Ridge Wilderness Gathering — Aug 3-6, Upton ME

Join Jonathan at the Moose Ridge Gathering in the mountains of Western ME for 3 days of tracking, awareness, and learning the land. Register early—it usually sells out.


2023 Roots Rendezvous — Sep 2-4, Corinth VT

Jonathan will be teaching at the Roots School's annual Rendezvous over Labor Day Weekend. Join him for classes in tracking, awareness, learning the land, and skull interpretation and ID. Register early—it will sell out.


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