We are designed to be in reciprocal relationship with our wild surroundings. There are myriad other beings around us — the otter in her bank den, the yellow warbler perched in the alders, the sensitive fern clumped below — living their inter-related lives, all tuned in to each other and to the whole. We are the only ones who have stepped outside that circle. In order to return to reciprocity, we need to cultivate relationship with our non-human neighbors.


Fox Paw Tracking Club — every month

An intro to what I teach at Fox Paw, the tracking club meets every first Saturday

of the month from 9-noon at the Stranahan Town Forest in Marshfield.

More details on the Tracking Club page

Next meetings:

Aug 6th

Sep 3rd

Oct 1st

Nov 5th

Dec 3rd

North Woods Natural History — Sunday, May 1

We live at the meeting point of two great forests—the coniferous Boreal Forest to our north, and the Temperate Deciduous to our south. Living in these forests' overlap zone makes our Vermont home a unique and diverse place. Join me for a day exploring what this means as we learn about forest composition, tree ID, and bird and mammal indicator species. After a short classroom presentation, much of our day will be in the field, tracking, ID'ing, and listening for birds.

This course is run in conjunction with the North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier, VT. Sign up on their website here. 9am-3pm, $60.

Tracking Walk — Sunday, June 5

Join me for a free tracking and naturalist walk at the Hardwick Trails in Hardwick, VT. Sponsored by the Hardwick Conservation Commission. We'll wander the trails and look for track and sign of mammals, as well as listen for late spring bird song, check for flowering plants, and whatever else piques our curiosity.

Meet at the Hardwick Trails kiosk behind the Hazen Union School a few minutes before 9:00am. We'll be out from 9:00am-noon. There is no rain date. Cost: free.

Tracking and Naturalist skills at Sloyd Skills Gathering — June 17-19

I'll be teaching tracking and naturalist skills at Sloyd Skills Gathering in Stannard, VT. Come read the landscape, build connection with your wild neighbors, and learn traditional crafts with some of the region's most skilled instructors.

Rates variable. Sign up at the Sloyd website here. This will likely sell out, so register early.

Reading the Landscape at Moose Ridge Wilderness School — June 25-26

This weekend-long course in Upton, ME, covers the basics of connecting to your local landscape—we'll focus on observation and awareness skills as a way to identify trees, plants, birds, and weather patterns. Expect to be outside for most of the course, with a few short classroom segments.

$200. Sign up at the Moose Ridge website here. For ages 12 and up, enrollment capped at 10 students.

Moose Ridge Wild gathering — August 4-7

Come to the Moose Ridge Wilderness School in Upton, ME, for 4 days of folk crafts, naturalist skills, foraging, traditional skills, and more! I'll be teaching a number of topics including tracking and naturalist walks, a mammal skulls workshop, tree ID, and more.

Rates variable. Register at the Moose Ridge website here.

Roots School Rendezvous — September 3-5

I'll be teaching tracking and awareness at the annual Roots School Rendezvous in Bradford, VT.  This gathering is near to my heart—I got my start teaching here about 10 years ago!

Rates variable. Sign up at the Roots School website here. It will likely sell out, so register early!

North Woods Naturalist Apprenticeship — January 2023 - October 2023

Meets one weekend a month from January to October, omitting August. Optional homework and mentoring between meetings. More details and dates on the Classes page.

Enrollment is open for the 2023 session! Email me now to reserve your spot.