We are designed to be in reciprocal relationship with our wild surroundings. There are myriad other beings around us — the otter in her bank den, the yellow warbler perched in the alders, the sensitive fern clumped below — living their inter-related lives, all tuned in to each other and to the whole. We are the only ones who have stepped outside that circle. In order to return to reciprocity, we need to cultivate relationship with our non-human neighbors.


Fox Paw Tracking Club — every month

An intro to what I teach at Fox Paw, the tracking club meets every first Saturday

of the month from 9-noon at the Stranahan Town Forest in Marshfield.

More details on the Tracking Club page

Next meetings:

January 1st

February 6th

March 6th

North Woods Naturalist Apprenticeship — January 2022 - October 2022

Meets one weekend a month from January to October, omitting August.

Optional homework and mentoring between meetings.

More details and dates on the Classes page.